Trailer lights – 2014

May 22, 2014

Let me brag about my dad.  When I went to visit my family the other week the passenger side trailer break and turn signal light went out.  I asked my dad to help me look at it and we ascertained it needed to be replaced.  We spent a good while trying to get the case open to change the bulb, but had no luck.  My dad went to the local trailer repair shop and they informed him that the whole case was sealed to make it water tight, and he ordered me a replacement one.  A week later it arrived in my mailbox.

When it arrived I grabbed a flat head and installed it on my trailer, and then checked to make sure it was working.  Full success.

While I was visiting y family, my dad also cleaned my battery connectors and checked my truck’s fluids, topping them off.  He is awesome.




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