Blue to Purple to Orange – Cub Run

June 5, 2014

Last weekend I took Simon out on trail.  I was originally just going for a conditioning ride along some ATV trails, but when I passed some side trails, I decided to go exploring and ended up riding a nice loop.

In the direction I went, we rode up a pretty decent climb, then down a really long rocky decent.  I ended up getting off and leading Simon down this section.  There were quite a few creek crossings, and we rode over a long wooden bridge.  We also passed a couple camping spots that got me to day dreaming about setting up there some weekend in the future.  The next part of the trail was a gradual climb, and ran along a very *bear* and *snake* friendly area.  I saw some freshly clawed up trees, and there were rocks and lots of areas that looked like a snake would love sun bathing and a bear would love tucking into.

In retrospect, the loop would be fantastic from the other direction, and I look forward to trying it out sometime in the near future.






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