Cat Crap – Review – 2014

June 29, 2014

I finally found sunglasses that fit properly with my riding helmet and do not give me a headache! WOO! The next step was to figure out to keep them from fogging up. My sister mentioned her friend uses something called Cat Crap for cycling, which led me to reading reviews and comparing products online. After my extensive, lunch break length, research, I settled on Cat Crap. Lovely name right? I don’t care what its called, as long as it works! So I ordered it from Amazon for about $6, free shipping, and it showed up a in my mailbox a few days later.


It comes in a little red container, similar to a Burt’s Bees chap stick tin, but made of plastic. It is semi chap stick textured, and is a greenish in color. It does liquefy in a hot car, but so far, it has not leaked out of the container. The instructions tell you to apply it using a small amount on your finger, rubbing it onto your glass’s lens, then to wipe it back off with a lint free cloth. This was pretty simple, and very quick to do.


I have been using Cat Crap for about 2 months now, and I have been quite pleased with it. I find it needs to be reapplied before every excursion, and it helps if I have a bandana on my head to hold back my excessive head and face sweat. When it has been particularly humid and my face and head sweat is allowed to flow as it pleases, generally directly to my sunglass lens, they don’t fog up, but actually bead up with sweat, like my sunglasses are crying. I think it’s just too much for the Cat Crap to handle.


I have also tried it on my normal eye glasses and have also had a lot of success there. This stuff is a great product. I wish it would last longer, but applying it only takes a moment, and I just keep it in my sunglasses case in my backpack for easy access. Until this year I just could not get away with riding in sunglasses at all. Not only could I not find ones that fit without giving me a headache, but I could not keep them clear enough to ride with. I have a very hot face apparently. Fair eyes and bright sun do not go well together. And with a sport like mounted games, keeping the sun, as well as flying dirt out of my eyes, can make all the difference.


Cat Crap has made wearing sunglasses while I ride much easier. I give it a thumbs up and recommend it for anyone with similar fogging issues.


*I’ll do a review on my awesome sunglasses in the near future




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