Changes are Coming

July 31, 2014

As much as I have loved riding with team Old School for the past six years, I have decided it is time for me to move on.  I value the friendships I have made with my teammates, Carol Ann, Linda and Kim, and I want to remain close friends with them.  This has become a little challenging for me, based on us having different directions we want to go in with a competitive games team.  It has been a difficult decision, but after MGAA Nationals, I decided it was time to make the decision.  I picked friendship.

We five, Carol Ann, Linda, Kim, Averi and myself, will be finishing the season out together, competing in the last three parts of the Mid-Atlantic Series as team Old School.  I think this decision will help us to end the season on a good note, and will actually strengthen our friendships.  It will allow those remaining on OS to push for the team they want, and will leave myself to find my own spot on a team interested in the same things I am interesting in right now.  Averi, not to be left out, has decided to break off with me.

This was a good time to make the team change decision, because it would give Averi and myself, as well as Linda, Carol Ann and Kim, all time to decide what we want to do, and make it happen before too many other teams start to scramble around and assemble for the 2015 season.

My new team, which has already come together in the short few weeks since this decision was finalized, came together with ease and simplicity.  Theses other riders were also thinking about joining a new team and we all fell in together quickly.  We are still working on the team name, we have a list of possibilities, and the team colors will be disclosed at a later time.  Right now we are pleased with the formation of this new team.  And I will confess, I am also interested in seeing how all the other teams shake out, and what we have on the playing field in 2015.  It should be an extremely exciting season.

Drum Roll Please…………
(I am reading this, in my head, in an announcers deep voice, with some electronic drum beats in the background)

Coming in 2015
A new Adult/Fossil team will be hitting the MGAA Games scene
Matt Brown
Averi Zaccone
Val Hoke
Zoe Edington
Krista Wilson Muldoon


additional details coming soon!



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