Game Face

August 8, 2014

Most people that participate in sports have a “game face”. Mounted games riders are no different. Nor are our ponies. Poe has a real hard games face.

My friend Abby took this photo at MA3 this past weekend. I love that Poe and I both have our game faces on. My dad saw it on my facebook and said my game face looks just like his “war face” from when he was at bayonet practice when he was in the Marines.



Some other good game faces from this past weekend:
Photo credit to Brenegan and also G Arens from EquiStar Photography.











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  1. I love the “game face” pics!!
    I should drag out photos of my tiny kids on their tiny jumping ponies with both their “game” faces on. I think everyone would find it extra adorable because they look so serious and grown up.


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