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September 10, 2014

*trying to get back to training*, is probably more accurate.

I have been so busy with trying to get the ponies set up, and trying to take it easy on my back, that my ponies have had it really easy for the past two months.  There have been a few competitions in that time frame, but I have not done much training.

Over the weekend I picked up my games equipment from my old barn, and Monday I set up some of it in a flat-ish area at my home.  I spent a while walking around, checking for holes, and found a couple, which I marked with cones and barrels.  Then I got Poe out and spent some time training.

He was a little hot, and he was very seriously considering running back to his field and Simon, but after a bit he gave in.  One of the things I have noticed is that he has been a little lack on his breaks in competition.  He is certainly not a run away, and probably has better breaks than most ponies out there, but he is not STOPPING hard when I ask.  He is also picking up speed more in mug shuffle and not taking a check.  So I spent a while going back and forth through mug shuffle, changing gates, making hard stops, up and down in speed, as we went back and forth through the race.  We also practiced our end turn on poles, and he was sitting down nicely for me.

I finished the ride with a quick ride around one field and UP and then back DOWN a big hill.

Tuesday I hoped back on Poe and we started out with a nice warm up.  then moved into a little work on 3 mug.  On our first turn, which just happens to be right by the opening in the tree line that leads back to his field, he bowed his turn, not listening at all, and attempted to run back to his field.  We had a bit of a discussion, and then roughly went through 3 mug several times, until he gave in.  We did a little bending work and then moved onto litter practice, and again, he choose to be disagreeable.  when I rode down to the litter and turned at the end, he would drop his shoulder and nearly side pass into my space, completely ignoring my leg.  We worked through this for a while, turn turn turn until I was winning cleanly.

By this time it was almost dark, so we took a short hack up and down another hill and called it good.

I think part of his issue is that he is not happy being ridden in the open.  He does not like the woods and corn fields by his side.  Basically he is just not comfortable with his new riding area.  But he is just going to have to get over that.  Wish me luck tonight!




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