Evening Ride

September 19, 2014

Two things to point out with this blog post.

#1. Simon is worth his weight in gold.

#2. Poe got in a good ride around the property without being a nervous basket case.

Wednesday evening I was getting Poe tacked up and Rich asked if he could ride Simon.

I tacked up both ponies and Rich climbed on Simon, with beer in hand, and off we went around the property, dogs in tow.

Simon was the perfect husband horse.  And Rich happily stopped for Simon to munch on stray corn stalks and over grown weeds along the way.  They were two pees in a pod.

This also gave me the opportunity to ride Poe around the property with Simon, so Poe could relax.  Normally he is nervous, shaking, and jumping out of his skin at every bird that shoots up through the trees.  But on this ride he was completely comfortable and he seemed to enjoy the ride.

It was a good evening.





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