Prep For the End of the Games Season

September 23, 2014

Last night started the real crunch time prep for the last two competitions of the games season. We have the 4th competition in the big team series this coming weekend. And then two weeks after that we have the 5th and final leg of the series.

I set up the games field, and did a little drill work with Poe.  I practiced the crap out of Three Pot Flag.  I adjusted my speed throughout the race, changing gates up and down at random points throughout the race, including hard stops randomly at cones.

I also gave Poe a modified hunt clip.  He is such a good pony to clip.  He just stood there looking cute while I buzzed hair off his body.  His heavier coat is still growing in, but over the warm weekend he was sweating it up just hanging out in the field.  I looked at the forecast for this coming weekend and its suppose to be warm again, so I figured a new do would help him out a little.

Simon on the other hand has not grown in a very thick coat yet, so I just took him for a good hack around the property. I think Ill pull his mane shorter this evening, and try to clean his look up a little.




This is an after photo. But You can’t see the clip line at all.

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