Review – Mountain Horse Baily Hand Warmer – 2014

November 12, 2014

It has not gotten that cold out yet, but there have been a few chilly days.  They were chilly enough for me to try out the new Mountain Horse Baily Hand Warmers.  I picked up a pair in black back in early October from Smartpak.

They are fairly simple, made of thin polyester, about 7 inches long, and tube shaped.  They have the Mountain Horse logo in silver reflective on the top of the hand, and a thumb hole.  That is about it.  They are not lined, and are not bulky.

I am not a fan of gloves.  I will wear them when its really cold out, but they tend to annoy me because of the loss of dexterity.  When I saw these I thought that they might be a good meet in the middle.  They work as a gator, sealing in the warmth that escapes at the end of a sleeve, and cover the top of the hand and the palm.  And they do not restrict the fingers.

I have found them to be extremely comfortable, and as expected, add warmth without adding bulk.  I have been wearing them to do barn work, riding and to work on fencing.  So far they show very little wear.  The photos of them on this post are from today, after a good dozen uses. Although I could see the palms and thumb grooves wearing out eventually.  They are well made and about as durable as fabric this light weight and still warm can get.

All in all, a good purchase for $14.






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