Road Hack Nov 30, 2014

December 3, 2014

Sunday was unseasonably warm.  But there were still a few inches of snow on the ground in the morning, and by the afternoon it was melting into slop.  I decided that the conditions were perfect for a nice little road hack.  I knew there would be days like this so I had borium shoes put on Simon the last time the ferrier was out, so he was road ready.

This is the first one I have been on at the new house and it went great.  It was just about 5 miles of mostly dirt roads.  There were some amazing views and lots of fresh air.  I was even wearing a t-shirt (and yellow reflector vest).  We passed lots of cows, some sheep, goats, alpaca, a donkey, gobs of dogs and even one billy goat tied to a post with a bell on.  Simon was a brave boy, and enjoyed the ride.  We went at a pretty leisurely pace, and only saw a very cars and one gator.  It was a great ride.  I look forward to doing this one again, as well as finding a few others to adventure on this winter!








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