Spike – The New Addition! – 2014

December 8, 2014

Yesterday I headed out of my house at 4am with the trailer in tow.  I met up with my friend and teammate, Zoe, and we made tracks to Ohio, to pick up a new pony.

Spike is a 13.1h, Percheron Arab cross nine year old gelding.  He is mostly white with a little gray still showing in his thick winter coat.  He is bubbling with personality, moves like a dream and is destined to be a games pony!

In the trailer he went and we were back on the road home.

A few adventures along the way included nearly hitting a deer who was just standing in the road.  Stopping for a birthday breakfast for Zoe at IHOP.  Yep, Zoe spent her entire birthday in the truck with me!  We got to meet Stacey, who was willing to sell me this amazing pony.  Zoe also bought a pony from her named Finn.  I have to say how honest and easy to work with Stacey has been.  Spike was one of her personal horses, but when she met Zoe and learned about games, she knew it was his calling.  So she agreed to part with him so he could have a real career.

I got home last night and settled Spike in.  Then I introduced Simon and Poe to him.  I originally was going to wait until the morning but the screaming between Poe and Spike in separate fields was crazy.  The introductions, done one at a time, were incredibly smooth, and everyone was settled in eating hay within 20 minutes.

This morning I found them all quietly waiting for breakfast.  I spent a little time hanging with Spike, who was happy to see me and followed me around while I distributed flakes of hay.  I talked to him and spent some time petting him while he lipped me between bites of hay.


This is Spike and Stacey.


Zoe gave Spike a quick lunge.



After settling in last night.


Early this morning eating his breakfast.


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