Games Practice 12/14/14

December 16, 2014

This past Sunday was another great practice in the books.  For this one Zoe, Val and I were joined by Devorah who drove down from PA to play with us!  Devorah rode Poe and they worked really well together.  Poe seemed to really enjoy Devorah, and the same in reverse.

We were also joined by a new friend, Becca.  She came with her pony, Jiggy.  A nice beefy Percheron cross pony that seemed to really enjoy himself.  Becca and Jiggy did really well and I hope they will come back and play with us again in two weeks.

Zoe and Petal just look better and better.  That pair really hits it off.  And Val, well gosh, her and Sprite are always spot on.  Both Zoe and Val were getting vaults and riding like champs.

I started off on Spike, as I talked about in yesterdays post, and then I switched onto Simon.  I kept saying how much I love riding Simon and how easy he is.  I raced him through carton twice with no thought, smooth, good dunks, and kicking all the way home.  Next was litter, and again, just a gallop down and a scoop on the move, no thinking involved.  And Simon loves it.

Becca was not able to join us for pizza but the rest of us stopped and grabbed a bite and has some social time at a table.  It would be nice if we all lived closer and could do this more frequently.  But I’ll take every two weeks, its better than nothing!
















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