2015 New Years Day Horse Auction – 2015

January 5, 2015

Lindsey and I met at the Eylers Horse Auction in Thurmont, Maryland on New Years Day.  This has been a tradition the past half dozen years or so for us.  We spent the day looking at horses, bidding on a few stable goods, shopping the vendors and socializing.

This year’s sale was pretty weak.  The number of horses was nothing compared to past years.  It was comparable to a normal Friday sale several years ago.  I did not notice any decent horses either.  Nothing I was even interested in watching.

The inside tack took forever.  There were way too many non horse things like hats and purses.  There was even a pile of country music CDs.  Horrible.  Towards the end there were quite a few shouts to “sell the tack” and “we came for horse stuff”.  We did not bother to stick around for the used tack outside because the whole sale was so far behind and there was no sign they were going to be starting it any time soon when we left the facility at 2pm.

Lindsey and I still had a good time, which was the whole point.  But the sale itself was pretty weak.




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