Games Practice 1/11/15

January 13, 2015
We missed the last practice and I have hardly ridden at all since it.  Luckily we had one this past Sunday, and two more scheduled for the next two Sundays coming up.

It was a quiet practice with just three of us, Zoe, Becca and myself.  But we got through quite a few races, and really had some fun. It also felt SOOOO good to be back in the saddle after all the cold, dark and sick that’s been messing up my riding time.

I was feeling really on for two flag, getting my put ins nicely at a canter.  Bottle also went particularly well, with me practicing my center placements, and also getting those smoothly at a canter.  Zoe brought to my attention that I was leaning over effectively, which I realized was the case.  We practiced some ball dunks and I felt really good about those, making each one nice and cleanly, and acknowledging how far I was leaning.   I was also really happy with sword race.  We worked with the plastic rings today, and I felt that Zoe and I had really solid speedy handoffs (without loosing fingers, thumbs or rings!).

Becca, playing games for her second time, really enjoyed sword.  I think we will have to do joust and balloon next time because I am sure she will really like those two as well.

Zoe worked on some running vaults and got a nice smack on her leg.  I am sure she has a bruise as a reward.

On the drive home I spent some time thinking about my ride and decided I am really proud of myself.  I rode really well, and I felt more confident and comfortable than I have in a good while.  My skills were on, and I felt *good* with them.  Go Me!

Now to wait until next Sunday to do it again!


















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