Two Days of Road Hacks

February 2, 2025

It’s still snowy and icy so riding at home sucks. The trails and fire roads, which are in the mountains, are probably worse. And I am not sure if I can get my trailer out and back in anyway. So Simon and I hit the roads this weekend. Simon is my only stead equipped with shoes. And luckily I planned ahead this fall and upgraded him to shoes with Borium so he has nice road grip.

Saturday January 31, 2015


I repeated the loop I had previously ridden. It’s a nice mostly unpaved 5 mile loop with some good views and a few spooky critters along the way.

I was aiming to push pretty heavy for lots of trotting. And I managed to accomplish this for a good portion of the ride. Although the roads were pretty icy in some places and that slowed Simon and I down some.

There were a lot of critters along this ride. Alpaca, sheep, cows, goats, dogs and a few fields of horses. We managed all of these, even the most scary; small-dog-on-rope.

All in all a good hack.






Goat on the side of the road.


Sunday February 1, 2015


*note the straight line on the map above should follow the road.  The app cut the mileage and time down and did not follow my GPS track for the end of the ride. 

Sunday I headed out early and tried a new loop. This one was slightly longer. I tracked it in my car and it was just a bit over 6 miles. Unfortunately my iPhone app tracker, map my tracks, stopped tracking (as you can see on the map). This is getting very frustrating because it has done this on several trips now.

This hack also included some icy roads, cows, goats, horse and dogs. There were two cows in particular, #7 and #44. They followed us along the edge of their field for a ways, bucking and mooing along. Simon was amused and kept stopping to watch.

Another good ride.



That’s my house back in the distance.






Cool abandoned house.

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