Games Practice – 2/8/15

February 12, 2015

IMG_4459This is what games practice looks like on GPS.

 We had another awesome games practice on Sunday. This one was very laid back, slower paced, and refreshing. It was our base group, Zoe, Val, Becca and myself, so a nice small group. We set up three lanes of races so we had ample space and we leisurely worked on skills as we went through a few races.


We warmed up with speed weavers, and then moved onto ball and cone. I felt my ball and cone was particularly strong this week, both picking and placing. Then we moved to two flag. Which again went very well on my part. Val was a little off on this race, I think its her having to adjust for her changing balance. We went onto 3 mug, which was nothing special on my end, but Zoe was whipping through those on Petal like she was a race car. We spent a good bit of time working on pony pairs, which went unbelievably well right from the start. This was Becca’s first time playing this race, and although she kept Jiggy at a trot, he made excellent turns and her pick-ups and drop offs were outstanding. Zoe, Val and I all went well together regardless of order, but in the end we found that Krista to Zoe to Val went really well (noting that for us later). We laughed a lot through this portion of our practice. We also did ball and bucket, which believe it or not was my pick. I went first and was so sloppy. I slowly got a clean dunk and then had to tighten my girth to remount. Sloppy. So I went again and was very pleased with myself. We finished with litter and I was very happy with my performance in this race. We worked on the pickup and correction skill for litter a little and we all finished with successful runs.


After practice we grabbed a bite to eat together at the Kabob place in Winchester. It was good food and good time spent chatting about games. We are all clearly looking forward to the season!










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