Trail Report – Turner Run to Slate Lick Lake 

March 24, 2015

For this ride I started off on fire road 423 at Turner Run.  I rode out, and just past the second fire road turn on the left.  Just up a small incline in the road from that turn is a turn off for parking/camping with a bit of fresh gravel at the entrance.  In the back of this parking area is a small berm that starts off a well marked and heavily used trail.  There were a lot of hoof prints and pony poo and it was more heavily marked with different colored paint and marking tape as the trail continued.


I rode down and back, making it a 15 mile ride in about 2 1/2 hours.




There were often arrows marking harder turns in the trail.





Eventually the trail popped out below Slate Lick Lake.

On the same side of the lake, if turning to the right and proceeding over the stone wall and up the large hill, several other markers could be seen showing the start of other trails.  I was at my “point of no return” and did not want to risk checking these trails out but I suspect one will lead back to the fire road I started from.  It is also quite possible that these markers and what appears to be more than one trail head all converge into one trail.  Ill have to explore more in the near future.


We saw some geese down at the lake and a red tailed hawk on on the fire road.








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