Mounted Self Defense

April 7, 2015

Yesterday I stumbled across an article on Horse Nation about self defense on horseback (click the blue to read it).    It had some good info including the safety basics; let someone know where you are going, your planned route, and when to expect you back and to bring a charged cell phone with you.  But it also included simple yet helpful instructions on what to do if you are grabbed by an assailant.

If someone grabs you, your saddle or reins you should move forward, “as violent and fast as possible into the attacker”.  I love the wording, but aside from excellent wording, it is also excellent advice.  Use your pony like a battering ram war horse and run that attacker down!

Next it instructs you to “Never pull backwards.”  which for most I think would be our first instinct.  But if you picture it in your head, if you back up, the attacked could pull you off using your horses momentum to their advantage.

It also states that when you are clear of the attacker, you should “ride hell for leather.” More wording that I love.  I think this would be the easy part, riding furiously yelling your head off the whole time. And of course it suggests you call 911 when you are safe.

The video attached to the article is a little over 11 minutes long, and is provided by mounted Rangers.  I pasted it from YouTube into this blog for your viewing ease.

I usually ride on my own, at home and in the National forest.  And I would love to attend a class like this on one of my ponies.


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