Summer Camp and Slumber Parties

May 6, 2015

At the end of this winter I found myself with two ponies (Simon and Poe) that needed to get into shape for the competition season.  I also had one pony (Spike) who needed to get into shape and who I needed to get to know.  I also needed to focus a little on his ground manners and getting him into a general routine.

I failed.

I was successful with Simon and he is in excellent condition.

Poe came out in the middle of the road.  Not in horrible condition, but certainly not as fit as I feel he should be.

Spike was sitting on the back burner.

Time is an issue.  Now that Simon is in decent condition, keeping him going is pretty easy.  Adding in getting Poe into better condition is a bit of a challenge, but manageable.  Trying to add a third pony into the mix is just not happening.

Mean while I discovered my saddle fits Poe very poorly, which is most likely what has been causing it to roll when I try to mount up.  Although Its still passable for conditioning.  Unfortunately it doesn’t even come close to fitting Spike and was pretty much laying on his spine.  Big problem.

I discussed this, in utter frustration, to my friend Lindsey.  And being the amazing friend she is, she came up with a solution.  I would drop Spike off with her for a few weeks, and she would get him into work for me.  Lindsey has two well trained and rock solid ponies, as well as one long term project and she was enticed to take on a short term project that she could send back when she was done (sort of like barrowing a friend or family member’s kid to go to the circus.  You get them for the fun part, then get to give them back all sugared up when they start to get cranky.)

So this past weekend I took Spike up to Lindsey’s for summer camp.  I also took Simon and we had a bit of a slumber party, which I blogged about in the previous post.

Ill try to give updates on Lindsey and Spike over the next few weeks.  I hope Lindsey has fun with him, and doesn’t hate me in the end.

Oh, and I purchased a super cheap lightly used low end Wintec saddle with changeable gullet.  It should be here at the end of the week.  I’ll see how that works for now while, holding me over, while I lightly shop for a more Poe suited saddle.

Spike getting his first groom session with Lindsey.


Lindsey gassing up her new tow vehicle!  IMG_5347

Me getting weak and dizzy from hunger while waiting on Lindsey.  001

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