Leaving the Ponies Home with the Husband

May 27, 2015

I am headed out of town for a week, on non-horse business.  This rarely happens.  I am leaving my two ponies home with my non-horse husband.  Luckily, I have very easy to take care of ponies and a very easy care routine.  His main objective is to make sure they both remain in the field they should be in,  check their water and put one cup of feed in each of their pans in the evening.  Pretty easy right?  Yeah, I hope so.

In preparation for leaving I have topped off the water and filled the hay barrels.  They should not need hay, but just incase they need a little extra entertainment while I am gone.  I have picked up a fresh bag of feed and topped of the feed barrel.  I have extra feed pans waiting by, just incase Simon runs off with one of them and looses it in the field.  This does happen more frequently than someone might think.  I do not expect the husband to go hunting the field for the missing pan.  Although Simon and Poe would both thoroughly enjoy it if he did.

They get bored when they do not get an abundance of attention.  Poe will try to break out and hang around the porch spying through the downstairs windows.  To make sure the fence was at optimal shocking power, I spent some time Monday clearing growth off of the hot wires and checking the tightness and charge of all of the strands.  Simon will find objects to mess with, like the feed pans mentioned above.  He will also swing the hay barrels around, banging them into the trees and stand in and knock over the water troth.

I have strongly suggested my husband spend a little time with the ponies.  Maybe take a brush into the field and run it over them, talk to them and take them treats on occasion.  I have also asked him to try and keep their fly masks on (this will likely be a total fail because they just love to take them off) and not to be afraid to throw some more hay if needed.

I am lucky to have easy keepers at their prime easy care age, who are happy and healthy, but Ill still worry.  He is also taking care of my doggy side kick, Daisy.  AHHH!

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  1. Marci

     /  May 27, 2015

    I used to leave Layna home alone with him. And she’s still alive!! Lol
    Have fun in your trip 😊


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