Mad Tack Solved my Saddle Situation – 2015

July 4, 2015

I have had Poe for two years now and have had continuous saddle fitting issues.  Luckily Poe is not picky and has not seemed to mind any of them.  But when your saddle rolls around your pony it can make it difficult to mount up, or lean effectively.  Both mounting and leaning are pretty important skills in mounted games.  

A few days ago I decided call Mad Tack in Madison, Virginia, where I heard they have a large selection of inexpensive used saddles.  I talked to Samantha on the phone and told her my saddle situation.  And sure enough. She raddled off a good selection of possible saddles that fit my criteria.  He suggested I bring Poe with me and we could try saddles to my heart’s (butt’s) content.  

I had Friday off for the Fourth of July so I loaded Poe up and off we went. 

Mad Tack was mad easy to find.  right in Madision just a quarter mile or so off rt29.  Samantha had me park ou back next to a grass area.  She took a look at Poe and then we went inside to select some saddles.  

We started off with four saddle and, putting each one on a naked Poe to see the fit. Samantha was knowledgeable and competent.  She commented on the fit in the front gullet area, thought the should, along the panels and back.  Taking note on length compared to Poe’s back and how level the seat sat.  

After looking at a few on his back we girthed up one and I climbed aboard.  Now my main issues is the saddle rolling when I go to climb on, so paying particular attention to that, I was instantly pleased to see that it did not move.  Score! I rode around and worked up some heat and a little light sweat and we pulled off the saddle. It was pleasingly even.  We sat that saddle, which I’ll refer to as saddle #1, on the “maybe” stand. 

The next saddle we girthed up and I climbed on, let’s call it saddle #2, was not as pleasing as saddle #1. 

We looked at the fit of a few more and then Samantha our saddle #3 on Poe’s back.  She liked the fit on him and so did I.  We girthed him up and I climbed on and it didn’t move.  My butt it the seat and my legs settled along the laps and off Poe and I went, trotting some circles, a short stop, some leaning, another mount, and I announces saddle #3 as the hands down winner!   

While I was there I dropped off two of the saddles I have that do not fit Poe for consignment. Oh, did I mention that the store has all kinds of stuff? Lots of used stuff, new stuff, great prices, simply awesome!  


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