Games Practice 7-26-15

July 27, 2015

Early yesterday morning, teammate Val and I met up to get in a practice before our next big competition this coming weekend.  We went through just about every race, covering all of the skills, in a 2 1/2 hour time slot.  We flew through races with it just being two of us, setting up three at a time.  running through each two or three times, and then reset another set of races.  One of would walk the ponies while the other reset.

Val had a baby this spring and missed the first half of the games session.  This will be her first competition back.  You would never know she had her second child less than two months ago.  She was vaulting left and right.  She missed a few and had to go at it again, but she never chickened out or used her stirrup.  She probably did an easy two dozen vaults through our practice.  Her skills were also not lacking a thing.  She shuffled, placed, picked, grabbed, and turned without a miss.  Her pony Sprite, who is in his early 30s, also looks amazing.  She has been riding him daily to get him fit and it shows.  He flew through practice with rippling muscles and a flared nose.  He was hot as a pony less than half his age.

Val insisted I discuss how on point I was at practice. Several times she said how much speed I have put on since the winter.  I have to agree, I feel like I riding more to my ability and adding speed back into my skills.  Having a saddle that does not roll when I attempt to mount up, or when I lean over is also making an incredible difference.  Being able to climb on is huge.  Every time I am expecting my saddle to start sliding around.  But its not!  And each time I get a little grin on my face.  Being able to lean easier is also making a huge difference.  This is a little harder for me to keep convince myself of, after two years of sliding all over the place, but I got it!  Woo Whoo!

Val and I both rode extremely accurately.  We handed off with speed in and out, and didn’t drop a single one.  We both left practice feeling really good about ourselves.  Having a good practice before a competition always spikes the excitement.  I can’t wait to arrive at MA3 this Friday (the drive there SUCKS).  Yea!

We practiced too hard for photos but I snapped one of Val and Sprite during a water break. 

  And I snapped this one of me after we finished riding and loaded up and about to pull out.  I am blowing out a sigh of exhaustion.  


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