The Skill Drill Paid Off!

August 7, 2015

Last week I posted that I would need to be in a race that I am generally out of and I was drilling the ever-loving-stink out of it in preparation for being a four man team.

Bottle Shuttle, my most recent nemesis.

I am happy to report that my drilling paid off.  yea!

We played the race in one of the preliminary heats.  I rode third, placing the bottle on the center barrel, breaking down to a modest trot for a stride for the placement.  It was a solid clean placement.

We also played bottle in the final.  I rode third again, and I went at a checked canter, and was once again successful.


Here are a few photos of the bottle race, pick, place, and handoff.

PC: 1st photo – Dungee, 2nd and 3rd photo – Brown





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