All London – Day 2 – 2015

August 14, 2015

Today was our first full day in London.  We started off with complimentary breakfast in the pub we are staying over.  Then we headed out and took the tub to Kensington Gardens. We walked around and annoyed the lovely weather.  

Next we headed to London Bridge.  We walked around for a bit and then we did the “London Bridge Experience”.  It was dubbed “Horrifyingly Educational Fun”.  Everyone really enjoyed this.  It started theatrically educational and we learned some history about Lindon Bridge.  Super cool.  Then it because a scare house.  They instructed everyone to walk in a line with hands in the shoulders of the person in front of you.  Alicia bravely led out group. People jumped out, everyone screamed.  Two times the path led us between two blown up walls that we had to squeeze through.  Ahhhh!  

Super cool. 

Colton checked out this Naval ship, the HMF Belfast.   He really enjoyed it and was excited he could go into all the parts of the ship.   Everyone else relaxed with coffee and did a little light shopping.  

Next we took the tube over to see Big Ben.  It was rainy but still really neat.  

On our way to our pre-booked portion of the day we stopped at a market.  Unfortuney it was close to closeing but it was still amazing. Lots of cheese, meat, seafood and all kinds of awesome market stuff.  

We took a mini break for some tea and then it was time for the “Escape Room”.  

We were booked for the Pharoh Room and had an hour to get out.  It involved everyone working as a team to work out ten different puzzles.  Each puzzle opened a door with led to more clues and pieces to the puzzle. It was crazy hard.  We got majorly stuck on the hardest puzzle, and although we got it figured out eventually, it are up a lot of our time. We went about five minutes over an hour and had trouble lining up the very last puzzle just perfectly.  

Exhausted, we took the tube back to our hostel and had some social time together. 

Seriously exhausted.   



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