Day 4 – Tack Shopping we go! – 2015

August 17, 2015 

Yesterday was a much better day than the previous one.  I got up rather early, called Avis and arranged to have our car exchanged.  It was sort of a bigger ordeal than you would expect.  But we made it back to the hotel with a new car (although exactly the same as the other car – But this one has a working clutch).

We had a quick bite to eat and went to Wadswick Country Store. One word – Awesome!  Wadswick is a two floor tack shop,with a gun room (Coltin’s favorite part).  There was tack, clothes, equipment, blankets, everything.  The staff was also outstanding.  They stayed open late to get us all checked out and they seemed to really enjoy chatting with us.  They were helpful and very approachable.  Everyone left the store with a shopping bag and a huge smile.  If you are ever in this part of England, check their store out.  You will not be disappointed.   I should also mention that some MGAGB riders kindly recommended we check out Wadswick, along with two other tack stores.

After all that fun we stopped for dinner at a Toby’s Carvery, which was also a big hit. With a good British style dinner in our Bellys we went back to the hotel and took a swim. There was some splashing, some people may have been pushed into the pool and some of them may have had their clothes still on, but it was all in good fun.  A few of us took a turn at the steam room, sauna and hot tub before we went back to our rooms for showers and packing up.  

We had an evening desert in the loby bar, worked on some blog posts and then hit the hay.  Tomorrow starts the beginning of the real reason we are here, to ride!   We plan to meet up with Chrissy in Wales and help her pick up the rest of our ponies and move to her house for the week.  Watch out Lockyers, we will see you soon!!!! 

Not so many photos today.  The car swap really ate up a big portion of our day. We plan to have more good pictures to share from day five!  Thanks for following our adventure and keep checking back for more updates! 


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