2016 MGAA Pairs

June 1, 2016

The2016 MGAA Pairs competition was held at the Jefferson Fairgrounds in Ranson, WV May 21/22.

This year my crew switched things up and we all rode with different pairs partners than usual. I teamed up with Averi as Riot Girls, for a fun filled, wet and muddy weekend.  This is the second competition in a row that was muddy, and this one was mud.  MA2 was a few inches of water standing on top of solid footing, this one was deep footing soaked into deep mud.  Boot sucking mud.  It also rained just about the whole weekend, although often it was just a misting drizzle.  Still, not the most pleasant weather.  But in mounted games, we play on.

First off, Averi was a champ. She had been sick all week and barfed on the drive to the competition.  I give her lots of pats on the back for that.  She is way tougher than I am when I am sick.

I felt like I rode pretty decent. I missed my placement and had to circle in two flag, and again I missed my placement in flag fliers and had to circle the end cone.  Nothing deliberating.  I may or may not have had to repick my first litter in litter, but I can’t clearly remember so it couldn’t have been too bad.  One highlight was my agility aces remount.  It was quite speedy for me, so bonus there.  Averi and I switched who started back and forth a few times and had a nice schooling competition.  We did not make the A final, which was fine.  The A was a pretty solid heat with Matt and Nancy riding as Flying Rogues taking the win, closely followed by Val and Lexi.  Nancy and Lexi both ride on Time Flies, and if you follow my blog, you know Matt and Val are both on my usual team, Gone Rogue.

Poe ended up running two extra heats. Bella’s pony was somehow wounded during the first heat.  Sissy suggested a possible buried horse shoe rung his ankle in that deep mud, which would fit well with the cuts he came out with.  So Bella got the A-ok to take Poe into Masters for the second session and the Final.  He was a champ and I am super proud of him to switch gears like that.  Bella rode him in her afternoon session, vaulting and all that fancy masters stuff.  And then I took him back into the ring for my fossils afternoon session, and he was ready for me and my needs.  He stood like a statue in the aforementioned agility aces for me to climb on and all.  He is one five star pony for sure.

It was a pretty laid back competition, and even with the rain and mud it was awesome. Matt and I chilled Saturday night playing some type of tile game with Carol Ann, which I think we all quite enjoyed.

Photo Creds: J Bosciano


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