Ride and Lead

July 28, 2016 (second post today!)

(I typed this last September but never seemed to get the video to load.  Lets try again!)

CLICK this – Ride and Lead video

I played his race a long time ago when it was called “Grooms Stakes” in accordance with the British Pony club.  I think we played it when I was on the Pony Club International team in the early 90s riding in Northern Ireland, and I do remember playing it at IMGA Worlds in Germany, I think.  And possibly at another international competition back in the 90s.

Other than that, I have not seen this race played much until this summer when I took a team to the Welsh Championships in Chepstow in August.  It is a complicated race, and it took the team a few minutes to get it down, but they rode it very well in the competition.  I remember it feeling really cool to ride it when it went smoothly, and it is really cool to watch as well.

I talked about it with the kids on the team as well as Alicia, and we all think it would be a neat race to introduce in the fossil division at MGAA Nationals next summer.  Our reason for picking fossils, is that the fossil teams, as a whole division, are generally calm, cool and collected.  Most of these riders have the ability to think their race out in advance.  It is no more complicated than hula hoop or pony pairs races, and doesn’t have to be done at excessive speed to come off well.  It is also a race that is great for vaulters, but is also easy for stirrup mounters (which I am one of).

Using the names of my own team to make it easier, here is how the race would be played.

Set up:

Rider One – Krista, riding her own pony Poe, and leading Matt’s pony Jitter starts behind the A line.  Rider two, Matt, standing on the ground, holding rider 3, Averi’s pony, Sparkles, stands behind the C line.  Rider 3, Averi, standing on the ground and holding rider 4,  Val’s pony Sprite stands behind the A line.  Rider 4, Val, stands on the ground with no pony behind the C line.

There is a line of 4 bending poles.

Rider one, Krista, rides her pony Poe, while leading rider 2, Matt’s pony jitter, up through the poles, bending as she goes.  After she crosses the C line, Matt, holding rider 3, Averi’s pony Sparkles, mounts his pony jitter, taking her from Krista.

Krista dismounts behind the C line, and hands her pony, Poe to Val, the 4th rider.  Krista is done the race.

Matt, crosses the field, weaving through the poles on his pony, while leading Sparkles, back to the A line.  Averi is standing behind the A line, holding rider 4, Val’s pony sprite. After Matt crosses the line, Averi mounts Sparkles and then, leading Sprite, she heads up the field through the poles.

Matt and his pony Jitter are done the race.

Averi crosses the C line, riding her pony sparkles and leading Val’s pony Sprite, and stops at Val, who is waiting on the ground holding rider 1, Krista’s pony Poe.  Averi and her pony Sparkles are then done the race.  Val mounts Sprite, and weaves back through the poles to the A line, leading Poe.  When Val crosses the A line with both ponies, the race is done.

Yeah, a little complicated, but nothing too challenging.



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