Drag Riding the Old Dominion 

July 29, 2016 
This June Lindsey and I were drag riders at the Old Dominion endurance ride. It was a really cool experience and something I plan to do again. 

We arrived and vetted our ponies in Friday afternoon, attended the briefing, got our special drag rider info and camped out for the night.  

We were woken up around 4 am by the PA letting the early riders know it was time to get up and ready.  The 100 rode out around 5am and wouldn’t get back until something like 1-5am the next morning. Talk about bad ass, right?   

The 50 milers left around an hour later followed another hour by the 25 and the ride and tie were in there somewhere. 

Lindsey and I headed out via trailer to start our portion of the drag ride at Luarel Run.  And about 20 minutes into our ride, before we had even left the fire road, Simon pulled a shoe.  Boo.  After much deliberation Lindsey continued on and I waited for a pick up ride back to camp.  

It was awesome but short lived and I am

Planning to try and drag ride at the Fort Valley fall ride.  I hope Lindsey will go with me again. It was a fun time together.  

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