Mid-Atlantic #4. – 2016

August 8, 2016

MA4 was this past weekend.  It was an adventure.  A little over an hour into the drive one of the trailer tires started to smoke.  4 hours later the baring was fixed and I was back on my way.  Fun fun.  

I arrived rather late to the venue in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, got set up and settled in.  

Our Saturday morning session was a tough one, with all top teams.  We rode ok, not our best but certainly not bad either. I personally had a sloppy litter.  Val pointed out I am swooping my arm up fast and jetting the litter off.  So that is on the top of my practice list. 

Saturday afternoons session was a tough one. We were in with unarguably two of the top teams, Time Flies and Boarder Patrol.  It was also a rough session for us. It wasn’t a total blow up, but it was a stickler of a session that required mistake free riding.  And mistakes we made.  I missed my flag put in three pot and had to circle back.  That makes another race that goes on my practice list.  

Sunday morning we found ourselves in the B final, two points from A and quite a few over the other B teams.  It was a bit disappointing but that’s how it goes.  Sometimes things just don’t shake out in your favor and sometimes you have to play just two points better.  Sadly all season we have missed the win by one or two points. 

Sunday we were into the B and we took by riding races we would normally sit out of. We had a fun ride and left the ring with the blue.  I was super happy with my performance, and Poe was his usual best.  

Remember – every point counts. 

Last photo by JMA

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