Catoctin Mountain Park Trail Ride 

September 21, 2016

At the beginning of the month I got in lots of riding during a week in Maryland.  The second ride was a trail ride up at Catoctin Mountsin Park with Lindsey and Kelly.  

We did a nice loop over about two hours, over well marked and manicured trails.  Towards the end we came to a fork in the trail with the sign broken and propped against a tree.  We picked a fork and popped out into a camp ground.  Clearly we picked the wrong fork.  But a really friend park employee stopped and told us to continue through the campground to the trail connection just a short ways ahead.  That the correct fork is extremely overgrown and has a large downed tree.  We took her advice and finished our ride all smiles.  

The parking area was easy to find and well marked with a nice turn around and parking space for a couple rigs.  A good ride and a nice location for a lovely day in the shaded woods.  The ride was somewhat rocky but not too bad and with only minor climbs and decents.  Nice location.  

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