Saddle repairs – Martins Harness Shop 

November 23, 2016

This past weekend I went to tack up Poe and found some damage to his saddle. It’s a well used older Stubben and repair work tends to be a necessity every so often.  Luckily I live near one of the best saddle repair places around.  

About a year ago he replaced the billits on this saddle. A few years ago he custom made me an Australian girth with elastic on it.  He has stitched up an array of straps and I have even brought him friends much loved tack for work.  

This time I needed a patch put on the underside of one knee roll and a stirrup leather keeper replaced.  

I dropped my saddle off on Monday and Tuesday morning I got a call that it was ready for pick up. 

Bravo Martins Harness Shop in Dayton.  Excellent work, great customer service, reasonable prices, and quick turn around.  

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