Lindsey and Will at the PA Expo 

March 7, 2017 

This past Saturday I went to the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo in Harrisburg to watch my friend Lindsey and her lovely little pony Will compete in the Trail Challenge.  

The video below shows them going through the course.  They ran out of time on the first half and missed the last obstacle, the two hula hoops on the ground. I believe they needed to do a turn on the haunches or forehand in them but it was not clear to me as just a spectator.  Some of the riders just went over them so around them, some all over them, so I am not clear.  

The second half she also ran out of time during the last obstacle.  She has 2 1/2 minutes per half.  

They did very well and finished 5th in the Novice division. 

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