Trail Report: Bluehole Exploring Ride 

March 9, 2017

Back to Bluehole.  For this ride I drove all the way in, over all 4 cattle guards, and parked at the closed fire gate at Grove Hollow.  

I rode up the main fire road and took the first closed logging entrance to the right. It’s freshly logged and closed so the trail is clear and easy, it leads through the messy logged area and among the top of the crest of the hills.   Excellent views.  Totally worth the short ride up, it’s a mild incline, and not very long.  You can spot other trails on different hills (in particular the one that makes the loop back to the parking.  You can see it off to the right, in a logged area).  

After some good views I continued up the fireroad and past the split, continuing straight into Rocky Spur.  At the first clearing on Rocky Spur, I turned left and headed down an old logging road. It was remarkably clear, with broken back branches but sort of dead ended at a grove of newer growth.  The map tracker shows a side trail I missed.  This is possible.  The young growth could have easily obscured the turn.   

Here is a zoom in on the map of the hidden turn.  

I decided to turn around and head back at that point.  It was a good ride.   

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