Simon at camp – day 1

April 15, 2017 

My friend Lindsey is borrowing Simon for the next two weeks.   She has an old friend and her two pony-loving-little-girls visiting and since she doesn’t have any kid friendly ponies of her own, she asked to host Simon during her stay-cation.  

This evening we met up for a games practice and Simon went home with Lindsey.  She sent me his first text after she got him settled in.  
Dear mom,

I have arrived at camp! The bus driver was super nice on the way there and even gave me some cookies when we arrived! I have a new friend, his name is Will. He’s a little weird though… he’s kinda backwards and fearful but I think we will be good friends!! There was food and water and my cabin is nice too!! 


Simon ❤ 

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