Trail Report: 1117 Old Man Run 2/14/18

January 14, 2018

Track: left hand track -8 miles total in and out.

Parking – turn around is tight. I comment in the end of the video clip about it. I pull in then back into the first turn on the right (1117b Elizabeth ridge) to turn around. There is parking on the right as you go to pull back out. Room for two smaller rigs, maybe three small rigs squeezed in.

Today’s ride: It’s been a while since I have been back here and I forgot how much I like this trail. It’s a nice 8 mile out and back, fire road to trail, nice views, various footing, some hills but no rough climbs or tough footing. Note, the sign at the road is gone.

I headed up 1117 Old Man Run, through the open gate, along the creek, and heading straight/left at the main split.

It is such a pretty ride. At the first “top” of the road it sort of opens into a camp area and there is a trail to the left that goes off to the power lines for a pretty view.

Then continue on ahead on the road to the closed fire gate and around it. To this point there were some rather fresh tire tracks and a few boot prints.

I absolutely love this trail after the closed gate. It stays clear and passable, rolling, it’s easy to keep moving at a decent pace, lots of room to trot and canter. There are also plenty of nice views.

I tried something out during the ride. I started taking these little video clips along the ride. At first I was trying to give you an idea of the views but then I though I could show some of the trail. It’s such a nice trail and varys as you go. So let’s see how this works out.

Well, to my dismay, after lots of effort, I am not able to put the little clips throughout the blog successfully. So I compiled them into one video and loaded it into YouTube and included it above this paragraph.

The trail ends under the power lines, it’s the second time you actually go under them.

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