The “Dry-Lot” is No Longer Dry

May 17, 2018

I moved the ponies off the dry-lot and onto pasture last night. I got home this afternoon and went to move them back. I didn’t want them to have too much grass.

It’s been raining pretty non stop all week, and the dry-lot is an old dried out pond. It’s had some flooding but nothing too bad and always short lived.

Today it was rough. What I assume is an underground spring popped up and is actively flowing into it. The hay is all ruined. There is about two feet of standing water under the barrels, which are full of hay. I am guessing it is about three feet deep in the center of the pond.

I took a short video I’ll post at the bottom.

My ghetto hay shelter is completely flooded. Trashed hay.

Check out the video. You can hear the water flowing.

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