2018 UK Trip – Day 4

June 16, 2018

Back to the ring side, starting the morning off with Musketeers. Holly cantered her whole session like a pro. Grace and Lilli were amazing, flying back and forth. Their team was awesome.

Our team got a compliment from Ref Vicky for their work ethic.

They were up late last night. I think the time change is getting us. We are all dead this morning.

I hit up a tea and bacon bap to help get me going.

Back to Musketeers, which is essentially a combination of our Leadline and Novice divisions. They have both LL and Novice players mixed together. In general the LL children here do a much more intense LL routine than the typical US child, in MGA, Pony Club and elsewhere. And we are not just talking the child’s bravery, but also the parent’s athletic ability and the appropriately sized ponies. The LL riders over here are often equipped with closely sized matches ponies, LL English saddles (essentially well seated saddles with handles across the pommel) and are moving out at a trot and solid canter, and jumping small jumps. Yep the parents are full out running and jumping. So the LL riders are somewhat matched with those riding off line.

This competition had 8 full teams of Musketeers competing.

Video of the Musketeers doing the Caterpillar race. I wish I had gotten video of them doing some normal races too but it went by more quickly then I realized and they were already on the last one!

Grace, Lilli, and Mel

The Derbyshire team.

The team did equipment and Eliza was a “runner” handling a pony on the Derbyshire team. She got her sprinting in for the day. Emma reffed and coached. And I reffed as well.

The team also got in some naps. Caroline is a pro snorer.

We headed out of Future Stars with as much haste as possible but it soon became clear we were not going to make it to our camp grounds for the night before the late check in deadline and apparently you had to arrive by this deadline or no admittance. So we called to let them know and they helped us find another place in our route to stop for the night.

It is at a race track which would be very cool if there was racing going on but sadly there are not. It’s still lovely and nice and quiet with clean restrooms.

I really want to go check out the timber fences, they are huge. But no one is allowed on the track.

So we are relaxing in for the night. Well more specifically, we have eaten, I have showered and crawled into my bunk for the night to try and fall asleep early. It’s only 730. But I am exhausted and sustaining myself on just a few hours of sleep a night is not going to work for much longer. And I want to be fun and not grumpy tomorrow. Mean while the girls are literally running around screaming as I type this. Literally. Must have been all the napping. 🤔

Well they all needed to get their bags out from the litter compartment which is under the bunk which opens on either end.

My view at the moment. 😆

I have discovered Sadie is the keeper of the house. She is constantly picking up, organizing, and if Emma or I mention something needing to be done she is on it. She is also excellent at taking charge of some of the more important stuff when it comes to packing up the camper like unhooking and stowing the electric cord. I am not surprised to discover this about her but I wasn’t expecting it either.

Here is hoping for good weather tomorrow. Snowdonia here we come!

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