Games Practice 9/23/18

September 25, 2018

It’s still raining so we headed back to Frying Pan Park for another indoor practice session. This time Matt joined us on foot since he is still broken and unable to ride.

It was a good practice and my second one on Simon. I think we made some more headway, as he remains a whole new pony. He leaped some in the start but got over it much quicker this week. But about half way through practice he did run away with me bucking.

I wonder if he is having a midlife crisis or something. Like a 40-50 year old man that gets a sports car and a 20yo girlfriend and a bad combover. Is he trying to prove his youth and athletic ability are still going strong? But 12 seems too young for a pony to have a mid life crisis?

No matter, I love this pony. Leaps, bucks, unpredictability and all.

Enough about me, how about everyone else? Carly rode Quibble since she was scheduled for a second practice on her own Remi later in the afternoon. That Quibble looks like he has been playing all his life. And Carly rode like a champ. Paxton got a turn on him as well and sported a pink tutu that matched her helmet perfectly. That kid is always dressed to impress.

Jenny had her hands full with Bitey who was a particular jerk for practice. Jenny got after him of course, but it was surprising to see him be so uncooperative.

I mostly missed Zoe, Val, and Jon, being so focused on my own beast. But I will say Dice is looking like a real games pony, Zoe should be proud. And of course the Hokes were butt kicking.

I think we are as ready for Mid-Atlantic 5 this coming weekend as we are going to get.

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