Mid-Atlantic #5 – September 2018

October 5, 2018

The Mid-Atlantic series is almost over for 2018. We just finished up #5 and just have the final leg left later this month.

MA5 was held at our favorite grounds; the Grange in Centre Hall, PA.

It was a packed weekend. There was a special football game going on at Penn State so the majority of the fairgrounds was rented out to RVs and campers there for the game. They had food and merch vendors, music playing and they tail gaited Saturday like pros.

Mean while we played games!

I again coached Main Attraction in novice and really enjoyed working with this team. They are all so into it and receptive. They all rode amazingly. I was particularly excited about their incredible handoffs. I think they only had one hand off bobble all weekend!

This weekend was a particularly strange one for Gone Rogue. It was just Jon and I from the regular roster. We picked up Carly, Tommy and Katie. So things were a bit messy to work out.

We actually finished third in the first session but we went down to fourth and then 5th as the weekend progressed.

Simon was also particularly sluggish which was a little frustrating.

All in all not the best competition for Gone Rogue. But it was a good time with friends!

And, it didn’t rain! And it wasn’t super hot!

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