November 2018 Mid-Atlantic Pairs #3

November 20, 2018

Earlier this month we had a pairs competition at Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Virginia.  This competition was the final wrap of the season, and we were lucky enough for decent weather that was not even too cool for November.

At Doswell we are able to run 8 lanes out in the big parking fields, with a massive run off and optimal distance between lanes.  This is the only venue like this and its quite enjoyable.

Zoe and I rode together and took our time working on some training.  She was working on adjusting her pony’s speed back and forth.  Cantering away, but walking back, and changing it back and forth at her pleasure to help teach him that its not all running.

I worked on pushing Simon at some key points, like turns, and just had a good time being laid back.  He was his usual frustrating self.  Slow, fast, and everywhere in between.  He even decided he wouldn’t go to a barrel in one race.  sigh.

I love the pony and he loves playing games at a slow speed, helping new people learn.  But he does not seem to really enjoy playing even close to the level I need him to be at.

Out side of riding I also organized this competition.  This is the first competition I have completely used the race list guideline to develop the race list for.  I think it worked out really well.   It was actually quite easy and I felt the sessions were pretty balanced.  I will certainly be more dependent on this guideline in the future.

Pairs is also tough to have a full set of accomplished officials.  But it is a good chance to get some new people out there filling those roles.  Two of our refs were brand new and I think they both filled the roll well.  We also had some new faces leading ring crew and again, everyone did a fantastic job.

Carl debuted a trial video set up across line A.  This new set up is amazing and has the capability to video lines A and C from both sides all onto one screen located in the equipment trailer for easy viewing by the ref.  I am excited to adopt this system next season!

Finally I want to close this post by thanking Carl and Patti in particular.  The three of us set up the entire field on our own, Carl doing the heaviest lifting.  He had to resize the prepared measurements at the last minute do to a snafu with the fencing set up.   The three of us were out there until well past dark setting the ring, and Carl was back out there at 5am in the rain putting in some finishing touches.  Not to mention that Patti and Carl brought the equipment down for the event!

Thanks everyone, it was a nice close to the season.


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