Neville Becoming a Games Pony

November 30, 2018

Gosh I am enjoying this pony.  He is just so easy going.  Two weekends ago was his first games practice, and other than a small introduction to the equipment, it was the first time he had played any games.

Needless to say he did not bat an ear.

This past Sunday was his second practice and he did excellent.  The previous weekend I mostly walked and trotted and at this practice we added in some cantering and also some additional races.  He is just so easy going and happy to please.  Whatever you want him to do he is happy to do.

He did a few typical new games pony moves, like, “do you want me to bend or go right next to the line of poles this time?” and “Should I really canter since its only three strides?  Well ok, as you wish.”

He has really nice breaks and his turns are already good.  I felt him give me a bit of a roll back this Sunday, and I think he could easily turn his hoof to a full out rollback with very little work.  That’s his quarter horse side coming out.

I am throwing in voice commands, “Whoa” and “Stand” and he listens to them.

This weekend we also popped him over a small jump, you know, just to see if he jumps.  Val was the brave one of us non-jumpers to give it a go.  We do not suspect he is an actual jumper, but he was ok with it.  Just like everything else asked of him.  I felt like he said “you realize I have to go over that if you want me to go that way right?” and then “Well ok.” and over he went.

Here is some video of the smarty pants Neville playing games.

And here is some video of Mr. Nev doing some flat, hopping over our little jump, and a 360 view of his loveliness.  (don’t mind the dirt/mud on his legs).

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