Winter Practice – Almeda Farm. VA – 1/6/19

Jan 7, 2018

We had another good practice yesterday.  Val, Jenny, Carol Ann, Jon and I cruised through quite a few races.

For me personally it was all about the lean.  I was leaning all over the place and kicking butt at it.  We did hi low, hoopla, and bank race pick up, all major leaning successes.  Possum was doing the newbie, face the obstacle vs standing along side it somewhat, but we worked it out.  I also worked on inside 4 flag turns and had a great reach for the flag.  I am also happy with my mounts in toolbox and hoopla.  It was not as speedy as I would have liked but it was much improved over the last practice where Possum backed up when I went to mount.  He was turning his head to the right and then turning to the right, which at first I thought was do to me holding the rein too tight, but when I mounted without holding the rein he still did it.  That’s something that will need a little work.

Possum is really getting into this games pony role and really enjoying himself.  I think he likes using his brain and doing lots of different things.  He certainly wants to please and is trying to do a good job.  I am very happy with him and excited to keep working on this project.  Project Possum.

Val pointed out he is opening his mouth when I put pressure on the reins.  I had not noticed this so I am glad she pointed it out.  He is stopping and turning as I ask and not sticking his head up, so it was not as obvious.  Ill try adding a nose band, and a flash if needed and see what happens.  I am also not sure if I have the best bit for him.  I think its at least close and I am not sure what change up would be an improvement.  He is currently in a happy mouth D with a bead in the middle like a French link.

Here is a short video clip of just Possum at practice yesterday.

Here is a longer video of everyone at practice yesterday.



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