Trail Report: Graves Mill – Wolfsville Entrance

February 16, 2019

Friday afternoon I met up with Jenny at Graves Mill Trail at the Wolfsville access point. It was an unseasonably warm day, making it into the low 60’s, and perfect for a ride.

This is my first mountain trail ride on Possum. I went into it with low expectations and figured he would lack in sure-footedness. I was completely impressed.

We parked at a pull over at the end of the road. It was a short ride along a back road to the dead end and car parking area at the head of the trail.

This was my first time on this trail and I really enjoyed it. It starts out mostly flat and smooth, running along a creek.

We had three creek crossing going out and the same three going back. Possum proved to be surprisingly agile and brave for the crossings.

The trail did get a bit rockier and appeared to be beginning to have some elevation changes starting in the area we turned around.

We had limited time before dark and managed to turn around at just the right point. We made it back to the trailers at the end of dusk with just enough time to untack and load up before full dark.

Jenny rode Bitey. He trooped along like an experienced trail horse. He had to circle and wait for Possum a few times. Other times Possum had to trot along every so often to catch up.

I really like this trail and am interested in investigating it more. Not too much further ahead it meets up with other trails and roads. Lots of exploring to do.

Possum had a nice workout. He showed his experience and comfort on trails. He picked his path and marched along with experience. He did not think twice at the creek crossings, which were rather deep and fast moving. I’m proud of him.

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