Saddle Racks Installed!

March 23, 2019

My trailer tack room does not have a saddle rack built into it. In place of it I have had a folding saddle rack in it with three saddles piled on top of each other. The top one or two usually slide off when I drive, or on occasion all three. They tend to get bunched awkwardly or a flap is folded up and goes unnoticed. There is always a girth or non slip pad falling and going missing in the mess and requiring me to strip out the whole pile and everything around it to find said missing item. And of course I always need the saddle at the bottom of the stack. Murphy’s Law.

I’ve had this trailer for quite a few years and I practically live out of it on the weekends from April till November each year, and quite a bit through the off season too. That stupid folding stand takes up a chunk of space and always seemed to be in the way.

Why I never had the brilliant idea to put actual saddle racks into it until this winter is beyond me. But once the genius (and oh so obvious) idea struck, it was game on.

It took a while to enlist the husband and his handyman skills but today seemed to be the day he was ready to dive in.

I cleaned out the tack room so he would have room to work (I should have taken a before photo!). Mean while he stained a board and then attached the three racks to it.

Next he drilled holes into my trailer (ahhh!) and the board. I was pleasantly surprised he took which end of the bolts would be on the horse side into account. Then I was on one side and he was on the other and together we tightened the bolts and the rack into place.

And Done! I put the saddles up and the the other necessities back in. It’s shocking how much more space this created and that’s going to come in very handy when I pack it out for the season in two weeks!

Thank you Rich!

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