Trail Report: Slate Lick, Fulks Run, 10/11/19

October 12, 2019

I have not managed to fit in a trail ride since June when I broke my finger. I got off early today so I shot off to the woods for some quality trail time with my main-man Simon and my dog-of-all-dogs, Daisy.

The weather was perfect and it was just a lovely ride around Slate Lick in Fulks Run. There were some campers out and I passed another group of riders on trail.

I noticed the road in has been patched up since the last time I was here, which might have been last fall. And the area had been recently mowed and cleaned up.

It’s bow season so Simon and I had on our high-viz. I couldn’t find Daisy’s though.

I saw sad to see a lot of very bright graffiti near the parking areas. So disrespectful.

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