Trail Report: Bluehole Top Loop 

March 20, 2017

Today I went back to Bluehole (big surprise) and I found a second loop, and I love it.  It is such a nice ride.  I need to figure out a tiny part towards the end still but it’s an awesome loop. 

I started out on the main road in. I rode past the logging areas and made the first major left to follow Grove Hollow.  I stayed on this even though I was super tempted to check out some of the side trails until it came to the three way fork.  The left is for the shorter loop.   It is through logging areas and has amazing views.  To the right is a lesser pronounced trail, more of a 4wheeler path.  I have not gone this way yet.  

I went straight.  It wraps around and past some more logging, and eventually sort of loops around to the left into more of a field with an older looking 4wheeler type of trail through some fields.   This part is not marked on my gps tracker. 

It keeps going along the ridge, in and out of clearings, with a view of the road a ways off to the right.  It is a nice clear trail, hardly anything down, no branches in the way, pleasant and smooth.   I really enjoyed this stretch of the ride.  It eventually came to a private property sign, and I stopped.  

Looking at the my gps tracker I could see the shorter loop was running somewhat parallel to the left at this point and not too far away.  I opted to cut down through the woods, which were rather clean and easy to navigate and shortly I popped out on the lower loop trail.  I assume there is an actual connection that I missed or didn’t notice (since I wasn’t really looking for one.).  I am already super eager to go back and mess around with this part of the loop.  

I finished off with the big down hill that is a little hard to see.  I think I followed it better this time.  But I am also eager to go back and mess around with this section as well.  I am so tempted I might go back tomorrow.  

When I was driving into Bluehole a large flat bed passed me going out and when I got to the parking area it was clear that the dude spent some time turning that beast around.  While I was unloading Simon a white SUV pulled past.  I said hello and he told me they were done for the day, and were just dropping off equipment but we be back in there working soon.  So I suppose this will mean the roads are kept up.  

Again super excited to go back here.  This loop is just shy of 8 miles and there are a lot of areas to move out.  Actually almost the whole ride can be ridden with some speed.  All the way until the very end.   I saw some deer, and a small mouse like critter.  There are also quite a few ponds just off the trail.   And a nice little creek side ride at the end.  I also assume the bears are waking up.  I saw a lot of dog spots and freshly scratched up trees, and even some fresh bear poo.  This was mostly in the area where the fireroad sort of ended into a 4 wheeler trail near the first pond.  

I attempted to video a little of this ride, a clip in different parts so you can see the terrain.  Of course I did not think about this for the first two thirds of the ride, which is more prominent Fire roads.   

Trail Report: BlueHole – Disabled hunting 302a exploring day 

March 2, 2017

Today I went for a quick ride at Bluehole.  I took the disabled hunting access entrance, 302a, and just went and explored some of the many side trails.  None blew me away but some where pretty nice.  I also think I found the one that Connects with the other parking space but didn’t finish riding it since it was a bit over grown.  

I am going to have to start putting some movement into these rides soon.  Simon is in plenty good enough condition to move out a lot more.  I just seem to get hung up exploring which tends to be slower going.  

But really, 7 miles in 2 hours? Lame.  But I enjoyed it and feel refreshed.  

That black dot way ahead in the photo above, that’s Daisy.  

When I got home I found my box from Riding Wearhouse on the porch.  I had just put Simon out but ran back and grabbed him again so we could try hi new saddle pad on!   I have been using one that is way too small for my endurance saddle but finally decided to order a decent and well fitting one.  I selected the Toklat T3 Matrix woolback with memory foam ortho inserts.  

First, it looks amazing.  Second, it feels amazing. High end memory foam, this is not come Walmart knock off foam.  And it fits and looks really nice on!  

I also ordered new irons, which are seen in the photo above.  I was using no-name endurance style with foam foot beds.  But one had ripped most of the way off and I decided to do the real upgrade to the E-Z Ride ones.   They really are quite a bit nicer than what I had.  

Too bad it arrived after my ride.  Now I’ll be itchcing for the next time I can get out!  I’ll be sure to do a review of the new items when I get to put them through their paces.  

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