Dan James 2013 Mustang Millionaire

January 10, 2014

This is a competitor that the Mustang Millionaire TV series followed, Dan James, originally from Australia. This is his final performance in the competition.

Bobby Kerr Mustand Makeover 2012

January 8, 2014

On New Years Eve, Lindsey and I watched the Mustang Millionaire series. This show followed a few of the competitors in one of the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenges.  In these competitions trainers have 120 days from to take a Mustang from wild, to performance day.

Bobby Kerr, was one of the competitors that the show followed.  He was the 2012 winner of the same competition.  Here is his winning performance.






Legacy Mustang Preservation – 2013

March 2, 2013

On Saturday, Carol Ann and I went to the Legacy Mustang Preservation located in Louisa, Virginia.  I met Jamie, one of the operators of this project, at the PA Horse World Expo.  We discussed me adopting a pony, and had chatted on and off through email since.  She had suggested I come out and meet some of the current residence and let her get a better feel for me and my needs.  


On Saturdays they are open to the public and usually do informative demos about gentling and training.  This Saturday turned out to be a special one, because they were introducing a new member of the herd, Nate.  His mom, Katie, was bred in the wild, and had given birth to him during the week.
There was also a documentary crew on site, getting shots of this few day old foal. 


Carol Ann and I met some of the herd that had recently arrived from Wyoming, and watched little Nate stretch his legs with the other guests.  After the guests left, Jamie sent us on a Mule ride (the motorized Mule, not the furry one) with Katherine, to see some of the other horses on this giant estate.  We pointed out ponies we thought had the right build for a games pony, and enjoyed the beauty of the facility.  We both liked a pony named Scout, and we also both pointed out Jamie’s special guy, Willy. 


It was a fun adventure, that has games pony potential.  We learned a bit more about Mustangs and some of the trials they go through between the wild and domestication and why some of them have a second brand consisting of numbers on their rumps. 


It was an interesting day and I’ll be keeping in touch to see what might work out for the LMP and myself. 


me riding in the back of the Mule


Nate and momma


Carol Ann in the Mule




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