November 27, 2013

This weekend I purchased a used Bennett polocrosse stick. Yea!

My only experience with polocrosse is joining a pickup game a few years ago. Simon was still rather young and seemed to enjoy it initially, that was until another pony bumped into him.

Other than that my only other similar experience was playing broomstick polo with Osh Kosh in the mid 90s. We kicked butt at it!

Monday night, I equipped myself with the new racket and hopped on Simon and we played around with one of the tennis balls I had in my games equipment. I am told that a tennis ball is not ideal, but it’s what I had, and it was fun.

Simon seemed to really enjoy himself and was stopping and turning like he meant business. I am not sure if this will be the case if there are other ponies involved, but he was all into playing solo-polocrosse.

I am not sure how Poe will feel about this sport. I do not have high hopes for him with it. He is smart and extremely competitive but I am not sure if he will be too aggressive with other ponies. But hey, we will see.

When I got home I showed Rich the photos below and told him about it and he wants me to get him a stick too so we can play together. I like that idea!





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