Today’s Ride

April 23, 2013

This weekend we have our first big team competition of the season.  So I am focusing on schooling for that for the next few days. 

Today I tacked up Simon and headed down to the riding field to get in a nice schooling, and Linus followed us.  I walked around the field setting up some equipment, and Linus followed behind messing it back up.  It was a little frustrating but also very comical. 

I got in some litter practice, which was not my smoothest, but had a few nice bottle picks, places and turns.  Meanwhile, Linus got in a good full body scratch on a tree and then moved to a bucket of balls, dumped it and knocked the items around.  I ignored him and moved on to some two flag practice, which was going smoothly, until I turned to run through it again and found Linus pulling the first flag out of the cone.    

He eventially started cantering along behind Simon. 

I think he is eager to start his training back up next week!   


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