TBT – 2/13/14

February 13, 2014

This photo is from my first Pony Club Nationals. It was about 1988 give or take a year. That year mounted games was held at a different venue than the rest of the event. It was at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, Virginia.

I was riding on the Frederick Pony Club junior team. We were the second team from Capital Region, behind Howard County Pony Club accepted.

We had 20 something or other points taken off before the competition started for having a parent in the barns, which was impossible to make up. We were not the best team and I think I was the only vaulter at that time. We came in an amazing last place, 13th I think, pale green ribbons. But we had a ton of fun.

I was riding my long time pony, Berry. She was a 14.1h strawberry roan Arab cross mare. She was a hand me down pony that took me most of the way through pony club and then did the same for my sister.


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